Mobilinc, a new way to experience your home.

MobiLinc in National Verizon Commercial

MobiLinc was featured in a major ad campaign by Verizon. The ad showed MobiLinc powering on the holiday lighting at a park and set the stage for the rest of Verizon's promotion.

What MobiLinc Can Do

Control your lights, fans, garage door, sprinklers, thermostats and much more! Watch your IP Cameras or using scenes, turn on all the lights before coming home to a dark house. And this works anywhere you have internet access on your mobile device.

10 Minute Setup

All of this is surprisingly easy to setup. It takes a few easy connections and a little setup to get your home up and running with a MobiLinc Starter Kit. Wes Filleman, the founder of MobiLinc, walks us through the setup. Very soon you'll be controlling the lights and other devices in your home all from your phone or tablet.

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